Emerging Faces: About us

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Founded by Lola Longe, Emerging Faces is an "on location/in studio" creative beauty service bringing out beauty from within. Our approach and design deliver versatility, cost effectiveness and time savings in reaching a perfect look.

Emerging Faces emerged as a result of helping friends fix their makeup flaws to gradually perfecting the art of makeup artistry by training on Airbrushing skills and focusing mainly on bridal, high fashion and glamour.

Bridal styling is a unique service offered to our brides ensuring they look their very best on their special day from picking the appropriate wedding silhouette to dressing the bride on the wedding day, bustling the bridal gown before entering into the reception venue, providing "emergency kits" when necessary and being the shoulder for the bride to lean on all through the ceremony.

Our couture headwraps are uniquely made to suit your style and personality thus revealing an individual's beauty.

The Studio is equipped with different kinds of top of the range makeup products; everyone comes in diverse colors and that is why we painstakingly match our makeup products with the client's skin perfectly bringing out everyone's beauty from within by the time they walk out of the studio.