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Choosing Flowers For Bridal Bouquet.


Flower Choices: What You Need To Know

I've had brides come in for makeup consultations and often complain about not knowing the flowers to choose for their bridal bouquet. Though I'm not a florist but I have compiled a list of flowers and their meanings to guide our prospective brides.
Different flowers and their various colors do have different meanings. It's up to the bride to decide on the bouquet. Most of the meanings are positive, so choose flowers that you prefer for their beauty, not necessarily for their meaning. Below, is a list of the meaning of different flowers:

  • Acacia:  FriendshipAmaryllis:  dramatic
  • Anemone:  fragile
  • Apple Blossom:  promise
  • Aster:  contentment
  • Azalea:  abundance
  • Baby's Breath:  festivity
  • Bachelor Button:  anticipation
  • Begonia:  deep thoughts
  • Black-Eyed Susan:  encouragement
  • Camellia:  graciousness
  • Carnation, Pink:  gratitude
  • Carnation, Red: flashy
  • Carnation, Striped:  refusal
  • Carnation, White:  remembrance
  • Carnation, Yellow:  cheerful
  • Chrysanthemum, Bronze:  excitement
  • Chrysanthemum, White:  truth
  • Chrysanthemum, Red:  sharing
  • Chrysanthemum, Yellow:  secret admirer
  • Cosmos:  peaceful
  • Crocus:  foresight
  • Daffodil:  chivalry
  • Delphinium:  boldness
  • Daisy:  innocence
  • Freesia:  spirited
  • Forget-Me-Not:  remember me forever
  • Gardenia: joy
  • Geranium:  comfort
  • Ginger:  proud
  • Gladiolus:  strength of character
  • Heather: solitude
  • Hibiscus:  delicate beauty
  • Holly:  domestic happiness
  • Hyacinth:  sincerity
  • Hydrangea:  perseverance
  • Iris:  inspiration
  • Ivy:  fidelity
  • Jasmine:  grace and elegance
  • Larkspur:  beautiful spirit
  • Lavender:  distrust
  • Lilac:  first love
  • Lily, Calla:  regal
  • Lily, Casablanca:  celebration
  • Lily, Day:  enthusiasm
  • Lily, Stargazer:  ambition
  • Lisianthus:  calming
  • Magnolia:  dignity
  • Marigold:  desire for riches
  • Nasturtium:  patriotism
  • Orange Blossom:  fertility
  • Orchid:  delicate beauty
  • Pansy: loving thoughts
  • Passion Flower:  passion
  • Peony:  healing
  • Poppy:  consolation
  • Queen Anne's Lace:  delicate femininity
  • Ranunculus: radiant
  • Rhododendron:  beware
  • Rose, Pink:  friendship
  • Rose, Red:  passionate love
  • Rose, Red & White:  unity
  • Rose, White:  purity
  • Rose, Yellow:  jealous
  • Snapdragon:  presumptuous
  • Star of Bethlehem: hope
  • Stephanotis:  good luck
  • Statice:  success
  • Sunflower:  adoration
  • Sweetpea:  shyness
  • Tuberose:  pleasure
  • Tulip, Pink:  caring
  • Tulip, Purple:  royalty
  • Tulip, Red:  declaration of love
  • Tulip, White:  forgiveness
  • Tulip, Yellow: hopelessly in love
  • Violet:  faithfulness
  • Wisteria:  steadfast
  • Yarrow:  good health
  • Zinnia:  thoughts of friends



0 Lola Longe 2011-04-01 02:13 #3
Dear Sarah,
I've researched for good florists at Seattle and these are the few ones that I got: Willow & Bloom ( and Toppers Floral (
Wishing you the very best!
0 Nikeisha 2011-04-01 02:08 #2
Beautiful tips, thanks for sharing. A lot to consider when I'll be choosing my bouquet for my big day.
0 Sarah 2011-03-05 19:20 #1
I'm looking for a good florist in Seattle for some custom arrangements...anybody know one?

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